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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is Your Conscious Mind Real?

Consciousness, conscious mind or rational mind in a human has for decades been seen as the strongest part of the mind. It has been believed that the conscious mind has the power to give a human the ability to get things done in life.

The general theory by professionals is that your conscious mind controls 10 percent of your waking thought content and actions. Which infers that your subconscious mind influences 90 percent of why you act, fell, react and think the way that you do.

Definition of Conscious Mind

Conscious mind is defined as the localized center of conscious control. The internal mental region in the human brain which seems to govern your actions, thoughts and reactions through problem solving and decision making during waking state.

New Awareness

A new research by a San Francisco State research team over more than 10 years  your conscious mind has considerable less in control. Your conscious mind is far less powerful in your life than previously believed. Their proposed theory is counter intuitive to popular beliefs and appears to go against everything you have been taught or thought about what the conscious mind does.

Previous theory generally thought that the conscious mind solved problems and guides you to a course of action but from the research it does not. It was found that the conscious mind does the same simple task over and over. It gives you the impression that it is doing more than it actually is.

The research findings found in the San Francisco State study was that the conscious mind serves as a passive channel rather than an active force. It is far less influential and significant.

This new theory based on the 10 year research expounds that the conscious is more like the interpreter of messages sent from the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the presenter of the information not the maker of decisions or the mind that acts on the knowledge. It seems that the information in the conscious mind is not created through the conscious routes. The conscious mind doesn't do as much as you thought it did. In fact San Francisco State study reported that the conscious mind is just the middle-man between the subconscious mind and your outside world.
The research also found “one conscious thought does not lead to another”.

After Thoughts

As a result of this new information that your conscious mind is more like the tip of an iceberg and the real decision maker is the subconscious mind or the mass of the iceberg below the surface of the water line. The subconscious mind is more influential and powerful than thought in how you live your life

Therefore in truth it is the subconscious mind that is the driver and regulator of your life. Within the subconscious mind is coded data accepted through your life which determines, influences and governs how you will act, feel, think, and reaction towards yourself, others and situations. When situations triggers your subconscious mind’s data, it send instructions to the conscious mind to interpret through thought and manifests a reaction outwardly by way of emotions and behaviors. So it is the conscious mind that interprets subconscious core beliefs, codes, data and messages. 

Therefore in order to understand yourself fully on why you do what you do, think the way you do and feel the way you do, it becomes more important to understand your mind code and the elements of your personal philosophy.  

      Coach Bill                                             

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