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Friday, June 20, 2014

Coach Bill's Podcast Channel

I am happy to announce some good news for all my friends. I have started a Podcast. The title of my Podcast channel is:

                                              Quieting the Noise in Your Mind

Now it is possible to listen to current topics that interest you, your health and life with topics that will enhance your life.

Quieting the Noise in Your Mind podcast channel is committed to discussing post issues related to abuse, combat and trauma experiences. Quieting the Noise in Your Mind is dedicated to survivors of painful life situations who are attempting to cope, overcome and heal from the symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dissociative Identity Disorder, Complex PTSD, Dissociative Disorders and associated symptoms. Not only is for the survivor but for family members.

To be honest, everyone has gone through painful effects from life situations. A few of those effects are unwanted memories, increased critical inner voice chatter, and an influx of negative thoughts, beliefs or emotions directed at yourself. My podcast is intended to help you find some inner peace in your mind by turning around your beliefs and thoughts from negative and doubtful to positive and productive.

All of the topics I talk about on my podcast are not only applicable to past and present issues which are very applicable to everyone. I believe that everyone has experienced some type of situations where you have been wronged, bullied, teased, hurt, judged, deeply disappointed, verbally criticized or taken advantage of at one time or another in your life. Change all those past experiences to a positive, and make them productive. Change is possible.

Quieting the Noise in Your Mind podcast episodes are intended to educate you and enlighten you on relevant life topics, like becoming a healthier you and techniques to enhance your life, improving your life skills, how to get a shift your mindset and stop that chatter in your mind that limits you or holds you back from getting what you want out of life.  You have the power to change your life.

Quieting the Noise in Your Mind will help you triumph over the aftereffects of your past and begin creating a more positive history starting now.

Where Do I go to listen to Quieting the Noise in Your Mind Podcast?

Go to the internet and click on this link  When the home page comes up look for the column to the right of the first blog and the top box is the podcast player. Scroll down to the podcast box to view all episodes possible or click on the first episode to launch and listen to the episodes that interest you the most or listen to them all. Enjoy! Tell others. 

Quieting the Noise in Your Mind podcast episodes are for you

If you have a topic or topics you want me to talk about please send me an email to 

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            Coach Bill

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