Addiction Recovery Southwest Florida: Addiction Community Needs to Think Outside the Box

As a result of Cory Monteith death of drug overdose just last week, I feel that the addiction treatment community need to begin to think outside of the box to save lives. The old traditional methods are excellent and have saved so many lives. But there are still over 100 people dying from drug overdoses every day in the US only.

What does a recovering addict do after leaving the safety of a treatment center when they are alone?

They THINK!!!!!

The worst time for an addict in recovery from my experiences of coaching individual’s seeking to remain sober after initial treatment is when they are with themselves. It is the times when they are alone with their own thoughts. I am convinced had anyone had a clear view of Cory's core beliefs (def: formed messages that he had about himself due to his life experiences) there would have been a clue of what was about to happen.

What Kind of Thoughts?

Unfortunately, a recovering addict generally in time returns to old negative thinking that got him or her to use in the first place. “I don’t fit in if I don’t use”, “No one likes me if I am not high, including me”, “I am no good without using”, “I don’t deserve to be sober because of what I have done”, “I need it, or I will be nothing all over again”, “I was so much better when I was using”. When these thoughts get stuck in a person's head, and he or she can't stop focusing on them is turns into an addiction to those thoughts known as a Thought Addiction. Every addiction starts with a thought, and after becoming sober, if not shift, the original thought is still there.

This type of negative thinking, looping or distorted self-beliefs can throw a successful recovery into a relapse and lead to a mindless overdose. His or her now the clean body is more sensitive, reduced threshold and is not used to the level the person had been taking. But his or her mind says “Go ahead.” The body’s organs then get overwhelmed and shut down for good.

Addiction Professionals Need To Think Differently

As an addiction professional, we need to start thinking about the box. Addiction recovery needs to be more than just in-house programs and then leaving the post care to only to NA and once in a while sponsors. There needs to be recognition and support of the growing network of addiction recovery coaches and sober coaches. These coaches can teach new skills, development of new healthy patterns and daily support.

Let us all get to join together as a cohesive professional addiction community rather than separated and isolated. Dedicate this new total addiction community toward saving lives and helping people become healthier individuals together.

                                  Coach Bill


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  3. Dr. Elhabashy,

    Thank you for your comment

    Dr. Bill

  4. I agree with you. The worst stage of recovery is when your left alone with your thoughts. Addicts can go months in treatment sober but it's when they go back to the same home they used in, see the same people they used with, fall back into old habbits. They find a level of comfort and ease back into the addiction.
    It usually start out with justifying there decision.. "It's only a one time thing." "I'll only use on the weekends." "I can have a beer after work." When there left alone with there thoughts they justify what was normal to them in there past and begin back down a very slippery slope. Addiction treatment needs to teach these people how to cope with these thoughts and conquer them.

    I would also like to introduce another block I think you may enjoy. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

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    1. Dear Liam,

      I want to thank you for your comments and support for this blog. Thought addiction occurs when an addicts are left to their own thoughts.

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  6. Many times men and women will complete a 30 day inpatient addiction treatment rehab program and then return to normal day-to-day living, only to relapse. This is beyond disappointing and can be very expensive. How long does cocaine stay in your system

    1. Dear Pamela Parker, I really appreciate your second comment. You bring up more great points about the 30 day inpatient addiction treatment programs are not the only answer. There is more to it no matter how great the Rehab facility is. AA, outpatient treatment or addiction coaching in extremely important to help keep clients accountable and supported.
      Addiction Recovery Coach Bill

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    1. Dear Pamela Parker, I want to thank you for you comments on this blog. A recovering addict needs support from his or her family and friends to recover. It takes a community to heal an addict.
      Addiction Recovery Coach Bill


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