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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Relaxation For a Wounded Soul

Survivors of abuse and trauma of all types, minor or complex, share a common bond and that is a wounded Soul. Seek relaxation through meditation and by doing so, will allow your Soul a moment of freedom, inspiration, and healing. 

After all these years of comforting and nurturing my own wounded Soul and helping others to heal theirs, I truly know that it is possible to heal the wounds. Once the wounds are the Soul soars and are stronger than before.


You deserve to take the time to relax with you. Enjoy the few moments during this video with you and embrace your essence. Be free again!!

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  1. A person should be a kind hearted soul; so that he or she can able to understand the value of life and other human being. Kind hearted persons are always found with helping nature and good for others; they have positive thinking through which they are always getting success in their life.
    Life coach Orlando

    1. Dear Tim,

      Thank for your insightful comment. I appreciate you taking the time to not only read but also make a valuable comment.

      Hope that you read more or my blogs.

      Regards, Dr Bill