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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Change Traumatic Thinking in 30 Days

Are you conflicted in your head all the time? Does you feel that your relationship with yourself is not good? Maybe is is because of the way your believe about yourself? 
Trauma robs survivors of not only their identities but also alters their beliefs toward themselves.

“Change can’t begin until core beliefs are brought to the forefront.” 

Let me ask you some questions.
"Don't you know who you are really?”                 
"Do you want too?”

Think about it. Are you tired of the way you are and want to seriously change? Well if you are, for the past year and a half, my team and I have been working on and testing a product that will help answer those questions and more. Discover what is blocking you from knowing you.  

A Way for Change

That product is here and it is call the 30 Day Mind Changing Challenge. It is a self help tool that in 30 days you can discover what is holding you back, keeping you stuck in the past, causing you to sabotage yourself in the present or fearful of moving forward.

How? By being able to discover, tap into and then restructure your own personal philosophy. This groundbreaking tool can help you do this in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Just think in 30 days your personal philosophy can be changed. In one month your core beliefs that govern and regulate you identity can be recognized, identified the ones blocking you and shift them to positive This 30 day Mind Changing Challenge radically changes how you act, feel, think, and react, not only to yourself but to others and the world. Once you make a positive change everything around you must and will change.

What products are available?

1.   New FREE Membership Website dedicated to Dr Bill’s new Personal Philosophy Method
       It offers videos on many self growth issues, and educational mini webinars.

     2.    Dr Bill’s 2nd book - Personal Philosophy Method downloadable for free as a member.

    3.   Free Live Journal just for being a member that only you can access. Document daily changes.

    4.   30 Day Mind Changing Challenge available separately as a purchased product. It offers a challenge  calendar containing 30 days of daily assignments that guides you through the process. Along with daily supporting videos. Testimonials from individuals who have already experienced change. 

    5.    New Making a Positive Change Facebook page dedicated to only positiveness. Visit, LIKE and begin sharing all the positive things in your life. No negativism allowed.

Well I am extremely excited. Many have expressed their desire to coach with Dr. Bill but could not afford it. 30 Day Life Changing Challenge is an affordable way to go through 4 months of Dr. Bill’s style of intense coaching in 30 days. The 30 Day Challenge will change you and your life. This product will help you recognize and understand YOU, your mind code and then guide you through restructuring your whole personal philosophy. The challenge is for individuals with traumatic histories, with addictions or just unhappy with their lives. Everyone can benefit.    Check out all the new products. 


  1. This exact thing happen to many but not all are lucky enough to get rid of it. Sometimes people knows where they are wrong but it is not up to them to change that or to change the way they think. Of course Traumatic Thinking is not in born rather the situation and the life style make us turn into. Even a person try to change his view but it is not that easy to make it possible alone. Here sometimes the coach can deal with it the best. Life Coach. Several life coach are there those are dealing with lacs of such cases. Well, Dr. William I have gone through most of your articles and I really appreciate your effort. Great job!

  2. Dear Nathan Glover,

    I want to thank you for your comments.You are very correct that Traumatic Thinking is not something that we survivors are born with but are the direct result of what they have gone through and the traumatic situations they experience. Thank you for the support and taking the time to read over my blogs. I hope you keep following my blog and become a subscriber of my blog.

    Coach Bill Tollefson