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Monday, January 24, 2011

Are Flashbacks Haunting You?

Have you ever reacted to something you did not want to do but found yourself doing it anyway? Probably you were triggered into a flashback. Flashbacks of past abusive or traumatic situations can be so frightening because you have no control. Understand you had no control when the original situation which occurred and your mind was not able to process the situation at that time due to the overwhelming fear of dying and the extreme hurt and pain. Your mind protects you like that.

But plain and simple a flashback is just a message from your subconscious that it is time to mentally process an old traumatic recollection that had been stored in a dissociative area. Your subconscious deems you strong enough now to handle what happened. Unfortunately you get very scared because you did not get the message.  

Looking for a way to make friends with your old recollections? Can you control flashbacks? Well there is a way. It is possible to reduce the influence of a flashback quickly and safely? 

Everyone is influenced by past life experiences one way or another. Your past memories influence and drive you to feel, think and behave in certain ways without your permission. It seems as though there are triggers everywhere and almost impossible to avoid.

Types of Flashbacks

There are 4 types of flashbacks a person can experience after a  traumatic event. These flashbacks may occur within in 30 day, months  or years later.

1. Emotional

2. Organ

3. Physical 

4. Mental

5. Visual

 Rapid Reduction Technique 

Can you let go of the “old” and make room to accept “new” into your life. Is it possible to break the emotional upheaval flashbacks and claim your past? Yes, there is a way  - Rapid Reduction Technique® 2.0, know as RRT® 2.0. Rapid Reduction Technique® 2.0  is an enhancement to the original RRT® that has been so successful for memory restructuring for so many survivors with PTSD for more than 14 years. 

Now RRT® 2.0 works for anyone. You do not have to be a survivor of abuse, trauma or combat to rip the benefits. Your memory influences your success, performance and how you function daily. Not only does RRT® 2.0 decrease the intensity of a recollection and disconnect the trigger, this new updated method assists in uncovering the root cause behind unwanted memories which is core beliefs. Core beliefs form behind each memory you record. Core beliefs can be dis-empowering,  shift your mindset, increase resistance, and change your core values as well as cause confusion in your life. 

RRT® 2.0 takes longer than the original RRT® but the benefits of RRT® 2.0 are worth so much more. RRT® 2.0 frees you from past barriers that impede you from achieving future intentions and success. RRT 2.0 also rids you of the connected core belief which at times does more damage than the traumatic memory. In one session, you become freed from old unwanted memory. 

Take Away

So strive to improve your life, eliminate the influenced your past has on your present, your thoughts, your feelings and your behavior. Do not remain a slave to unwanted memories when there a quick way to break the chains.

More Information

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