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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Effects of Programming on Survivors

Programming, gaslighting or brainwashing has a significant effect on how your body responds to life events and how flashbacks are triggered. What your mind is fed internally or externally affects how you act, feel or think.

"The body follows the it it bad or be it disowned."

How a Survivor's Body Reacts 

How your body reacts depends on what your mind is fed. If your mind is fed negative information or focuses on bad things that happen or painful emotions, then the body follows suit, and it becomes sick. 

On the other hand, if the mind is fed good material and focuses on growth and moving forward, then the body reacts healthily and performs at peak levels. 

If the mind completely disowns the body due to blame, then the body begins to attract disease and is less able to fight it. 

So how your life goes depends solely on what your mind is being fed or what you accept it and what type of thoughts you allow to run in your mind. 

What to Do? 

Be aware of what you are allowing your mind to focus on. If your mind over-focuses on harmful material all you will be able to see is negative and not attuned to positiveness. If you do not like your thoughts and want to think healthier, then make a shift in your thoughts. Catch your thoughts and change your thinking more positively. 

Be Positive

The more you work on shifting your thoughts to good or positive thinking the more fulfilled and successful you will be in your life.

          Coach Bill

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