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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been invited again to be the Guest on Renew Your Life Radio Show and it is happening this Saturday the 14th @ 6:00 pm, day before my birthday. I will be the guest and not a co-host this week. Dr. Lisa Palmer, I and all her loyal listeners are going to have an intimate discussion on the topic of Personal Philosophy: How It Affects Our Life Story .

Personal Philosophy plays an integral part in how humans function in life. It is the foundation of our identity. Personal Philosophy drives our reactions and is the essence behind our life stories. Please schedule your time to listen and please call in with any question. I am very excited, and energized about the topic. Issues discussed will include effects of Core Beliefs, Values, Programming, and Expectations and how this are an outgrowth of our Personal Philosophy. 

I think it should be a lively, interesting and educational discussion between just Dr. Palmer and me.
Mark your calendar and join us on the radio. So tune in and listen to the show in South Florida on WWNN 1470am or on copy in the search box - renew your life with Dr. Lisa Palmer – then click search.

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