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Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Closure from Past Emotional Wounds

As everyone knows who has followed me knows I am a big supporter of making closure with past emotional wounds rather than resolution. If you are not able to make closure with your past emotional hurts or painful events, then those deep hurts stay with you. If you have not let go of them or have not gotten over them, they will revisit you regularly even without your consent. These emotional hurts leave a negative emotional charge or painful scar on your core, and the result is you spending too much time regretting your past. 

If you have any regrets of your past then you are not living in the moment, and your life passes by, never to be recovered.

Also, these emotional wounds that have not been dealt with cause us to not be able to function later as adults either in our relationship with ourselves or with other people in our lives. 

To move forward in our lives and grow, we need to make closure with past emotional wounds.

Remember this life skill quote -

“The inability to make closure with one world stops one from opening another.”

Learn more about Rapid Reduction Technique - RRT and click here to learn how to make closure with your past wounds.

         Coach Bill


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