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Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 Tips on Communicating with Self

One of the most overlooked issues for survivors of abuse and trauma is the loss of the ability to communicate with self. With the absence of communication and the ensuing loss of a relationship with self, we experience deep feeling of emptiness without authenticity as well as disconnection with ourselves.

Strive not to live without self. Because without self you are lost and empty. When disconnected with self and self love your need for having as relationship magnifies ten fold. Also it leaves open a door to seeking any relationship even a toxic one to rid yourself of being disconnected. 

Success in life is when one can freely communicate with self on all human levels. Stop looking back into the past and gain your personal authority. A way to regain your personal authority is to reconnect with inner communication.

Tips for improving your inner communicate with self. Without inner communication your relationship need is great.
Find yourself. Find your connection with you. Find your voice.

4 Tips to Achieve Internal Communication;

1. Spend quiet time being with self for ten minutes every day

2. Speak with self authentically

3. Display one act of appreciation toward self daily

3. Never question self

4. Never judge self.

After Thoughts

If you follow these suggestions, you will gain an appreciation of how wonderful you really are. Become a healthier you.


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